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We are Shanyas Staffing Limited, your premier source for recruiting talented student employees for temporary, flexible, part-time, project-based jobs, summer positions and internships in the creative sector. Located on the University of Leeds campus at Nexus, just a short walk from Leeds City Centre, we offer unparalleled access to the vibrant Leeds students.

Whether seasonal, to cope with peaks in demand, or to fulfil project work, temporary employees make an instant impact. Our team at Shanyas Staffing will manage the end-to-end process, from candidate search and screening through onboarding, training, and payroll. We offer a variety of jobs within the creative sector, including roles as/in Visual Arts, including photography, video production, Performing Arts, Film, TV, Music Events and Carnivals, Media, Design and Fashion, Digital, Content and Copywriting, Advertising, Art Galleries and Museums, Administrative and Support Services.

We offer two distinct services tailored to meet your diverse staffing requirements:

(1) Employers have the option to engage our proficient and adaptable staff to meet their staffing needs for upcoming festival gigs, business meetings, film productions, conferences or other events.

(2) We facilitate direct recruitment processes for businesses seeking part-time personnel or interns. This service encompasses comprehensive tasks such as job promotion to students, meticulous screening, thorough interviewing procedures, and presenting a shortlist of qualified candidates to the employer.

If your business or someone you know is on the lookout, get in touch with us.